Top 5 Ways to SMS Marketing Can Drive Traffic to Your Website

Expert Tips: Keep the Message Short, Include Dedicated Links

SMS marketing can get more customers in your door and increase word-of-mouth – and it can also be a great way to drive traffic to your website.

The pros at LocalText have found that SMS marketing is a chance for marketers to leverage multiple marketing channels and create a broad-based integrative approach to business growth. Since SMS messages go directly to the phones of customers who have already expressed interest in what you have to sell by opting-in to your text message campaign, the open rates are high and the audience is receptive. Simply put, this is a fantastic opportunity to get top-of-mind awareness and drive traffic to your website.

Here are some top ways to use text message marketing to increase website visits.

1. Include Weblinks

Since practically everyone getting your texts will have access to the internet from their phones, this is a no-brainer. Including a direct weblink lets your clients take action immediately and reduces the number of steps it takes to get them to your home page. Worried about including a long link address in a character-limited SMS? Try a web shortener, like – they’re free!

2. Keep the Message Short

Don’t lose your audience’s attention with a long and winding marketing message – be direct, be simple, and be fun. Though SMS texts boast high open rates, you are still competing for precious time. Don’t give customers a reason to swipe and delete – state who you are, what you are offering, and a web address where the curious can learn more.

3. Make It Special

Reward your SMS opt-in customers with special deals that normal customers don’t get, and make visiting your website a key to the deal. How? Have them clink on a link to get a coupon or give an additional 10% discount on online orders.

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4. Solicit Feedback

Customers who offer feedback are going the extra mile to give you unfiltered opinions. Reward them by supplying a link to a specially-created rewards page on your website – just follow the link after the survey.

5. Tell Customers What You Want Them to Do

You could include a link and hope SMS recipients follow it, or you could mention a reward and cross your fingers that they search for your page – but why not be direct? Include a call to action – tell recipients to clink on the link and tell them what they’ll get in return.

SMS is not just a way to promote your brand – it’s a great way to put eyes on your webpage. Don’t let this great opportunity go to waste!

Ready to start driving more traffic to your webpage? We are here to help! Visit LocalText and let us help you get started on a text messaging campaign with incredible conversion rates. Questions? Call us at (877) 310-7590 or email We know SMS marketing!