Text messaging made easy for small businesses

Have any questions before you launch your first text message marketing campaign? Read this.

1. What is ‘SMS’?

SMS is short for Short Message Service also known as text messaging.  SMS uses standardized communication protocols to exchange short text messages. There is a 160-character limit per message. SMS can also include rich media such as images and hyperlinks.

2. Who do I send the messages to?

Good question. You should only send SMS marketing material to users who have opted-in to your service, either through a mobile campaign or a more traditional desktop internet connection. “Opt in SMS marketing is a “permission-based” activity. This means that potential customers have to give their permission for you to send them marketing text messages. There are several ways in which you can attract potential customers and invite them to opt into your text message marketing. This guide to opt-in text message services demonstrates some that have worked well for our clients in the past.”

3. Do I need a smartphone to send SMS marketing messages?

No. SMS marketing messages and their campaigns can be orchestrated from a laptop or desktop, and since the application is web-based you can manage your campaign anywhere you can get online.

4. What should SMS marketing messages include?

At their most basic, SMS should include your message, a hyperlink, and an unsubscribe option.

5. What are the best kinds of text message marketing campaigns?

There are many kinds of successful campaigns, but the best are marketing campaigns which are tied to physical locations, are promoted at events, and which are used in conjunction with TV, radio, or print ad campaigns.

6. What is a shortcode?

A shortcode is a type of shortened phone number. Typically they—and dedicated keywords  such as “Subscribe”—are used to enroll customers in your SMS campaign. LocalText can provide both shortcodes and keywords.

7. How easy it is to start text message marketing?

Super easy. We can have you up and running in 48 hours. Compared to a traditional email campaign, the hardest part of texting is fitting your entire message into 160 characters.

8. Does the size of my business matter?

No—SMS campaigns are suitable no matter the size, type, or location of your business.

9. Do recipients pay to receive my messages?

Depending on their cell plans they may pay per message; subscribers are cautioned that message and data rates may apply.

10. Do you offer message scheduling?

Yes, messages can be scheduled to be sent at the date and time of your choosing. Message sending can also be staggered so your server is not overwhelmed by responses.

11. Is my privacy protected?

See our privacy policy for details—but yes, we do not sell, share, or rent information collected on our site to any third parties outside of legal obligations.

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