Six Great Summer Retail Marketing Tips

Plan Ahead for a Hot Summer of Selling with SMS Campaigns

Summer is a popular time to shop, but packed schedules can lead consumers to rely on old habits. Here’s another problem digital marketers face in the summer: customers may be at the beach, not in front of their computer screens. SMS marketing campaigns grab the attention of shoppers and customers no matter where they are. Best yet, SMS campaigns don’t have to be complicated. Here are six tips to get you started.

1. Start Early

Don’t wait for the solstice to put your summer campaign into gear. While sunny weather and time off from school can be great, these are also distractions for your business. Customers, meanwhile, may go into summer mode long before the beach does. These reasons are why it is important to have your summer sales and connection campaigns ready to go well before the season of suntans starts.

2. Send Coupons or Special Offers

Mobile coupons are great for repeat business, and much more likely than paper coupons to be redeemed. This medium is powerful because with just a few words or images your customers will understand what you are selling.

3. Use Your Marketing Data

If you have data on age, gender, preferred merchandise or location, put that to use! It does not make sense to send the same message to everyone, and with databases able to segment SMS recipients by gender, location, and preferred merchandise, short, well-honed messages can pack a powerful punch.

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4. Make Recipients Feel Special

Making mobile customers feel special is a huge motivator for buying. The personal nature of SMS campaigns – your messages show up right alongside messages from friends and family – can be a huge advantage. Use SMS to send an exclusive coupon with access to private promotions, extra discounts, or gifts.

5.Promote New Releases

You’ve got new products arriving daily and big plans for the upcoming holiday season. Make sure your customers know what’s fresh with a quick text ping – insert a link to your new offerings and toss in an offer to sweeten the deal. Make it something that can’t be refused!

6.Promote Your Seasonal Products and Services

Lots of consumer behaviors change over the summer – use the nimble nature of SMS marketing to key in on those changes. Use SMS to let customers know when items are in stock or remind them of extended hours or holiday closures.

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