Great Tips for Effective SMS Marketing

Stand Out in a Crowded In-Box: Offer Immediate Value and a Sense of Exclusivity

While texting has been around since the dinosaur age of mobile phones, text message marketing, also known as SMS marketing, is relatively new.

SMS marketing campaigns boast eye-popping open rates and unparalleled opportunities to promote your store or brand, but the simplicity of sending a text should not lure marketers into thinking that any old message will work – the top campaigns follow a handful of general and easy-to-follow rules. Ready for some insiders’ tips from the pros at LocalText? Here you go!

1. Identify Yourself

The necessity of cramming your message, a brand, a link, and a coupon into a limited character count might make it hard to include your business name, too – but this is the most crucial part of any campaign. Customers who see a phone number they don’t recognize or get a message from a sender they can’t identify aren’t likely to hunt around for the sender – that message will get deleted and never opened.

DON’T: Amazing deals all week in our stores!

DO: Visit to learn about upcoming deals!

2. Be Brief

There is no room for fluff in SMS marketing – with a limited character count and plenty of competition for attention, our data show that you need a message that is focused and concise. This means knowing your target audience and speaking directly to it. Be simple: Describe who you are, what your offer is, and how to take advantage of it.

DON’T: The grass is green and the flowers are blooming. Visit our website this month for spring specials.

DO: Half off rug cleaning through May 15 when you visit Enter “HALFOFF” at checkout.

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3. Avoid Abbreviations and Slang

The condensed nature of SMS also means senders may be tempted to cut corners wherever they can. Abbreviations and slang, however, will rarely work in your favor. Like with all marketing copy, you should only use abbreviations when you absolutely have to and when you are 100% sure your audience will know what they are – think “USA” – and you should also avoid slang and hype which can make your message look and feel like spam.

DON’T: UR gonna luv R specials!

DO: 50% off all car washes through May. Just show this message at the checkout.

4. Offer Something of Immediate Value

Text message marketing is all about immediacy, so put that to work for you, and, to be honest, people probably don’t want your message unless there is something in it for them. Your campaign has to include something customers can use immediately. Whether you are promoting a sale, a product, or a party, the message should describe the benefits of acting NOW!

DON’T: Did you see this sale? Get your free tacos before it is too late!

DO: Reply “YES” to get a coupon for a free taco on your next visit.

5. Make Consumers Feel Special

There should be a real benefit to consumers who opt into your campaign – not just the reiteration of a special already advertised on your website or in your store. Make the customers getting your texts feel that they are special and qualified for exclusive promotions.

DON’T: Store-wide clearance this weekend!

DO: Mobile coupon! Show this message at checkout for an extra 10% off at checkout!

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