The Ultimate Opt-In

The Ultimate Opt-In: Get Customers to Sign up For SMS Campaigns at the Register

What Attracts Business? Forget the Standard ‘Welcome’ Message and Try a Use-Now Coupon

When is the best time to get customers to opt-in to your text messaging campaign? When they are right in front of you!

Opt-ins can occur at any time, of course – either moments after a sale or weeks after visiting your website, but our clients report that the highest opt-in rates occur when they are just about to check out. How? Read on.

A standard sign-up campaign might result in a customer texting you a code, then replying to a verification message which states that they agree to receive messages and that they accept the fact that receiving texts might cost them money. But what if their first message was a 10% off coupon – and that they got it while waiting in line to check out and could use it immediately?

Signing up at the POS gets customers on your SMS list quicker and puts you or a trained staff at their side to help them along in the process. The sign-on bonus – it could be a free drink, upgraded wash, or 10% off coupon – is their reward for completing the process but also ensures a feel-good moment they are likely to share with friends and family.

Here’s how it works:

  • Display your LocalText instructions near the check-out line
  • Ask customers if they’d like an immediate discount, coupon, extra, or gift
  • Help them through the sign-up process – they text a code to your number and receive verification
  • Complete the sale using the coupon

LocalText users report that this plan not only brings in repeat business but helps create a loyal customer base.

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