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Backed by experienced developers and packed with valuable metrics, LocalText unlocks potent business-building tools made available at prices everyone. Our innovative text message (SMS) marketing delivers your valuable messages with sky-high open rates and industry-leading conversion rates.
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Automated Messages and Smart Marketing

Reach loyal customers faster. Text messages are opened at much higher and faster rates than emails—open rates exceed 90% and typically occur within minutes of sending. On top of that, conversion rates have to be seen to be believed—17%!

Flexible Campaigns

LocalText offers fully customizable SMS campaigns, giving you the freedom to send content when it suits your marketing operation. With this flexibility you can synthesize campaigns, promote products and services at specific times, and scale to precise demographics and geographics.

Dynamic Metrics

LocalText’s customizable dashboard offers both broad intelligence and detailed measures of messaging open, conversion, bounce, and un-subscription rates. You can also compare metrics from different messages and campaigns to gauge and post-ad website traffic and calculate cost per conversion, revenue, revenue per visit, and revenue per page.

Build Opt-In Lists

Create and send compelling content to dedicated consumers who are already interested in your brand. Take advantage of short forms and utilize progressive profiling to develop a sound subscription center. Build the lists by blogging to attract website visitors, creating an offer to convert visitors into leads, supplementing your efforts with paid marketing such as pay-per-click search engine advertising and social media advertising, and communicating to your sales team that building this list is a top priority.

Option To be Featured on Cash Register Receipt Ads

Build your subscriber list with customized marketing materials. We can cross-market to mediums such as cash register receipt tapes at partner stores to add print coupons to your SMS marketing campaign.

Reporting : Want data? We give it to you.

LocalText’s metrics analysis provides you with all the intel you want. For each campaign you can see:

  • Message send time and date
  • Number of messages sent
  • Number of messages delivered
  • Number of messages failed
  • Click rate (delivered)
  • Click rate (sent)
  • Unique clicks
  • Total clicks
  • Number and percent of opt-outs
  • Total subscriber count

Industry Stats

Consumer Satisfication

27% of consumers say they have purchased goods or services as a direct result of receiving a text

Read Text

78% of consumers say they will read a text message from a company they know